Fictional Discipline is a site for all things writing and fiction related. Matt, the original author of this site, gives a better account for its history, which I’ll include here for lack of a better introduction:

In 2006, when I was a senior in college, I started a blog to help me hash out various topics that were being discussed in my advanced fiction class. Writing had always been a good way to organize my thoughts, and blogging had become A Thing, so I figured I may as well make it public. Who knew — someday, someone might stumble upon my musings and learn something.

Outside of class, I had several friends who were writing fiction, and I’ve been a member of a few writing groups over the years. When the phrase “Fictional Discipline” popped into my head, I knew it was perfect because it described both types of writers I seem to encounter: The ones who have a disciplined approach to writing, and the ones for whom discipline seems to be an entirely fictitious concept. I think most writers have spent time in both categories.

After that semester ended, I kept the blog up for several years, expanding it to include snippets of what I was working on, occasional discussions of what I was reading or watching, even music I had written. At my peak, I was getting well over 7 visitors each day.

Then I did some stupid things, which I’ll write about in more detail as I feel like it. The short version is that I didn’t take care of myself and ended up burning out.

But now I’m ready to go again.