Return to the Land of Hyrule

I picked up the HD remake of The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess last week. I blasted through the original version back in 2006, but I barely remember the experience — I was on vacation, so I was playing in 8-hour blocks. The most vivid memory I have is getting angry that I couldn’t find the last two golden bugs for Agitha.

This time around, I’m taking it at a more leisurely pace and savoring the experience. Some things do start to feel familiar when I get to them, but for the most part it feels like a totally new experience. I consider that an argument against binging on Zelda games in the future.

One of the side-effects of getting into a Zelda game is that it also makes me crave Hyrule Warriors, so on evenings when I’m not playing Twilight Princess, I’m teaming up with my wife to slaughter hordes of enemies with our favorite characters from the Zelda franchise.

It also makes me want to replay the other games in the series, so I think the rest of my year is booked pretty solid.

Amiibo Adventures

I like to acquire trinkets.

Wave 3 of the Smash Bros amiibo officially released yesterday. I have several from the first two waves, but I’m not obsessive about it; rather than wanting a complete collection, I basically just want the ones that I think look cool.

While I was staring at the lack of Meta Knight at my local Best Buy, I learned from a GameStop employee that Toys R Us had broken street date and started selling the Wave 3 amiibo early, including the Lucario, which is only being sold at Tous R Us. I was bummed because Lucario is one of my favorite Pokemon and I thought it would have been cool to have one on my shelf. Based on the first two waves, I’m guessing Lucario won’t be back in stock.

I don’t understand a business plan that makes it difficult for customers to buy your stuff. People want amiibo, and Nintendo is under-producing many of them. Exclusive deals are irksome for someone like me, who is 20-30 minutes from assorted stores; I imagine they’re just depressing for people who live even further away from civilization. 

Since I’m not aiming to collect them all, I don’t mind checking out random stores – honestly, I can pretend it’s a treasure hunt and enjoy myself even if I come back empty-handed. I don’t need these things to survive. I’m honestly just baffled at the way Nintendo is going about this. There is clearly a demand for more of these (ahem, Marth), but someone has decided that manufacturing a product that people want to buy is a bad business move.

But, hey, I’m not a businessologist. Just let me know if you find a Sheik.