Lauren Willig’s Pink Carnation Read-A-Thon

I’ve mentioned before that I’m an unabashed fan of Lauren Willig and her Pink Carnation series. A couple of months ago, she announced that she was going to do a read-a-thon of the series. They’re a historical fiction/romance/spy series consisting of twelve books, and I love them all like fictional children. (Having read the first Bridgerton book, I think that these are much better, if for no other reason than the plots are more complex for the romance genre.)

Each month, the community is reading a different book, and then Lauren and another author sit down and have a conversation over zoom about said book. While I’m always recommending Lauren’s books, I’m extra enthusiastic about this, because the zoom conversations so far have been fascinating. If you’re a writer in any capacity and interested in listening to writer chat, I recommend checking these out. There’s some really interesting nuggets of info, and if you’re me, and don’t really have a writing community, it’s fun to hear other writers talk. It’s nice to hear writers you admire talk about the same kind of problems that you have, and realize how human they are, even after a dozen published novels.

You can check out the replays at Lauren’s facebook page. If you have the time, jump in and catch up on the series. If you’re at all interested in things like Bridgerton, I think you’d feel right at home here.