Amiibo Adventures

I like to acquire trinkets.

Wave 3 of the Smash Bros amiibo officially released yesterday. I have several from the first two waves, but I’m not obsessive about it; rather than wanting a complete collection, I basically just want the ones that I think look cool.

While I was staring at the lack of Meta Knight at my local Best Buy, I learned from a GameStop employee that Toys R Us had broken street date and started selling the Wave 3 amiibo early, including the Lucario, which is only being sold at Tous R Us. I was bummed because Lucario is one of my favorite Pokemon and I thought it would have been cool to have one on my shelf. Based on the first two waves, I’m guessing Lucario won’t be back in stock.

I don’t understand a business plan that makes it difficult for customers to buy your stuff. People want amiibo, and Nintendo is under-producing many of them. Exclusive deals are irksome for someone like me, who is 20-30 minutes from assorted stores; I imagine they’re just depressing for people who live even further away from civilization. 

Since I’m not aiming to collect them all, I don’t mind checking out random stores – honestly, I can pretend it’s a treasure hunt and enjoy myself even if I come back empty-handed. I don’t need these things to survive. I’m honestly just baffled at the way Nintendo is going about this. There is clearly a demand for more of these (ahem, Marth), but someone has decided that manufacturing a product that people want to buy is a bad business move.

But, hey, I’m not a businessologist. Just let me know if you find a Sheik.