New Monday

On Saturday I packed up my car and drove to Virginia to begin a new chapter of my life, free from the clutches of Lord Winter, in a land with no ice or snow.


Yesterday, my wife and I adopted a cat. I named her Gwendolyn Stacy. She spent the last two years in a shelter, being passed over because she stayed curled up in her bed while the other cats ran out to fawn over the visiting humans. Sarah visited her a few times before I moved out here, and during one visit a random person warned her that this cat would bite or scratch for “no reason at all.” So far, I have sustained no bites or scratches, and Sarah has one tiny scratch from her first visit.

When I met Gwen at the shelter, she let me pet her, but she stayed curled up the whole time. Within an hour of getting her home, she was exploring the house. She even slept on the bed with us for a bit.

Gwen is a total sweetheart, and I’m glad to welcome her to our family.