A New Coat of Paint

Also, new wheels, doors, wiring, seats, engine, and basically everything.


I used to run a blog called Fictional Discipline. Then I didn’t. Now it looks like I do again.

What’s this blog for?

This isn’t meant to sound like a Dad Joke, but it’s going to, and I apologize: It’s for me to write in. I’ve had a number of ideas for short stories, novels, songs, instrumental albums, comics and so on. Ideas are easy; contrary to what Brandon in Tech Support might tell you, no one is impressed when you refer to yourself as “an idea man”.

Doing the work is what matters.

For some reason, I just find it easy to dig in and do the work when I have a blog about doing the work. Bonus points when the blog can serve as a way to avoid doing the work. When the work gets tough, a blog can provide an excellent distraction that still keeps the creative muscles warm. Or maybe it’s like Icy Hot? I don’t know. I’m out of practice. The metaphors will improve, I promise.

Anyway, here I am. Let’s do this.