Under New Management

Let’s test this out, shall we?

I’m Matt’s wife, Sarah. For the last year and change, he’s been updating his webcomic over at arkyria.com on a semi-regular basis. I can attest to the fact that he is drawing constantly, but most of those make it to his Instagram, not his website. I’ll let you shuffle over to Arkyria if you want that info. While you’re at it, harass him just a bit about getting back to that comic, would you?

While he’s been drooling over copic markers and researching new drawing platforms, I’ve been reading. I just finished my 21st book of the year the other day – it’s not an enormous amount of books, but it’s more than he’s read. I do also enjoy the craft of writing, and I’d like to tiptoe back to that after a few year hiatus.

So I feel I’m as qualified as anyone to dust off the Fictional Discipline mantle and pick it up for myself. I’d love it if you would tag along on this little adventure.

My personal/neglected site is leianajade.com – as of late, it’s largely been ramblings about our four goofball cats.

Go grab yourself a drink and let’s get fictional.