Moving Forward

:Wipes off a layer of dust:

Okay then.

I’d like to say that the pandemic we’re all living through has inspired me to pick up this site and start again, but the truth is a little different.

As you may know, my ‘main’ site is – that’s where I spend most of my blogging time, little though it may be.

Well, the place where I had leianajade hosted announced they were closing at the beginning of the month. Furthermore, when I went to export the site, we discovered that there was no website export tool – meaning that my choices were to copy and paste manually or lose my posts.

I did save a lot of posts, either because I thought they were worth saving, or because they contained things I wanted to remember. But this has given me a good juncture to decide what I want to do with my website life. I can’t say that I’ve figured it out entirely, but I know that it includes using this place more.

At the very least, I’ve got some posts from leianajade that pertain to writing that I think would be worth sharing, so I’ll be queuing those up from time to time. However, I have been writing more over the past few months than I had been prior to that – and I am in three book clubs. Or I was pre-pandemic. But I don’t see my reading pace slowing down any time soon. Hopefully, between those two things, I’ll have some more writing-related fodder to share soon.

In the meantime, take care of yourselves. Stay safe, wash your hands, and so on.