Time for ConFusion 2016!!!!

The plan is to set out at 4am so we’re on the other side of the mountains before the Virginia sun rises and notices our absence. We struggle to make conversation in the hours before our brains are fully awake, so I’ve been making a list of topics to get us through. Caffeine will keep us awake until daylight takes over and ushers us to our destination.

Michigan in January is a frozen hellscape bereft of life and joy.

I was going to elaborate on that sentence, but decided against it.

What I’m trying to say is that I am looking forward to ConFusion this year. I love this convention so much that I am going to spend twelve hours in a car to return to a cold realm where roads look like Swiss cheese and the sky is the color of old socks.

I’ll write about the actual convention later this week or early next week.